Duct Cleaning In Julian

Sky Clean Air recently completed a duct cleaning project for a client in Julian, California. The client, Linda Evans, chose us for the job because she wanted to improve the air quality in her home and avoid any health issues that could come from dirty ductwork.

We began the project by doing a deep clean and sanitation of the ductwork. This involved cleaning out all of the dirt, dust and debris that had built up over time. We also inspected the ductwork for any integrity issues and repaired any damaged areas. Next, we cleaned the dryer vent to remove any lint or other debris that could cause a fire hazard. Finally, we sealed the ductwork to prevent any future build-up of dirt and dust.

The results of our work were impressive – we eliminated all of the bacteria in the ductwork and Linda was very satisfied with the results. She was also happy that we were able to complete the job in just one day.